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The People's Symphony

[Originally published at the now defunct group blog explananda.com]

Posted on December 6, 2007
Tags: music

Have you heard of the People’s Symphony? If not, that may be because they don’t advertise. They’re a NYC nonprofit founded in 1900 to bring music to “students, teachers, workers, and others unable to pay normal ticket prices.” Yoon and I have subscriptions this year, and so far we’ve seen the Guarnari Quartet, the St. Lawrence String Quartet, and Emmanuel Ax - in other words, world class shows, except that with a subscription they work out to a little less than $6 a pop. Non-subscription tickets run $9 a show.

This is very reasonable, I think. It’s not your typical concert experience to be sure. The shows are in a high school auditorium, with very uncomfortable seats. And although I don’t have a great deal of experience with crowds at classical concerts, I suspect that the audience at these events is slightly more likely to let a cell phone go off, to shush disturbances more loudly than the disturbances themselves, and to do other things that make me hold my head in my hands. But all in all we’ve found it a great deal, and if you live in NYC, you’re seriously broke, and you enjoy good music, then you should really give it a try. See you there.