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March Links

Posted on March 31, 2014
Tags: race, poverty, academia, statistics

Not new this month, but I came across this post in which Rortybomb writes about the Black Panthers’ most alarming activity, from J. Edgar Hoover’s point of view: a free lunch program for children.

Also not new this month, but new to me: A long piece on the “culture of poverty”.

And as a nice companion to the above piece, Jamelle Bouie explains how we built the ghettos.

A reporter describes his time as a retail worker after he is forced out of his profession.

A professor describes life on the academic job market.

And a young chemist explains her decision to leave academia.

Robert Wolff republishes an old review of Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind on his blog.

Andrew Gellman rehashes an old post about an effective pedagogical technique to teach about problems with sampling.