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April on the web

Posted on May 4, 2014
Tags: inequality, nature, scientific_methodology

Sarah Kendzior has a great piece on minimum wage workers at Medium. A notable strength of the piece is that she lets the workers talk for themselves. She said on Twitter after it came out that this is precisely what editors objected to when she tried to publish the piece elsewhere, and that she took a pay cut to publish on Medium with the voices intact. Good on her. May she win a thousand lotteries as Karmic compensation.

A lengthy review at the NYRB takes on myths about the relationship between private and public sectors and innovation.

Radio lap has a nice story about whale poop.

Slate Star Codex has a hilarious and instructive review of problems in contemporary scientific methodology.

And finally, April is the month I discovered the not-actually-new-in-April Girl Walk All Day film. I’m a text guy. I read text. I don’t have much patience for moving pictures or audio. I clicked on this link expecting to watch 20 seconds of video (mainly to see if my son might enjoy it) before moving on to something else. And yet I stayed—and stayed up late—for the whole dang thing. The dancing in the video is so funny and uninhibited and joyous. Love it.