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August Links

Posted on August 31, 2014
Tags: academia, manners

Hoo boy. What a month.

“Academic Urban Legends” is a paper about the way that academics sometimes play telephone in their citations. The paper reminds me of the best exercise I was assigned as an undergraduate, which was to take a single paper and track down every single citation to primary and secondary evidence in it and evaluate its use. Some nice twists here.

In a month filled with rudeness and hate, Paul Ford writes a thoughtful post called “How to be Polite”. And Quinn Norton follows it up with “How to be Polite . . . For Geeks”.

And finally, Slate takes a break from being annoying and does us the great service of putting up clips of Justice Richard Posner of the 7th Circuit Court sparring with lawyers about same sex marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin. I’ve never heard Posner’s voice before: If I were a cartoonist drawing the episode, I think I’d draw him as a sort of dopey, slow-talking turtle — that is, a dopey, slow-talking turtle who eviscerates the position of his interlocutors! He’s just relentless.