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Posted on December 28, 2017
Tags: metablog, hakyll, wordpress

It’s been more than three years since I posted here. The hiatus began when I was busy, and continued because I was too busy and too tired to simultaneously figure out how I had borked the hsenv I was using to run Hakyll to build this site and upgrade from Hakyll version 3 to 4. After much dithering and procrastinating upgrading Hakyll and switching to use stack instead of hsenv turned out to be trivial.

Excited by how easy this was, I turned to the database dump I had from my old, now defunct, group blog, explananda. I wasn’t able to get that database cooperating with a local installation of WordPress, so I wrote a little Python script to query the database and then format the posts in a Hakyll-friendly way. I then sat down and read some of the posts. Painful! My writing from that period is mostly excruciating to read, so I imported just a few of the thousands of posts I wrote for the old site, and marked them as such. Going back over old posts, it was the comments that I really enjoyed and that, sparse as they usually were, gave the blog its life and the little value it had. Oh well.

And I’m back! Now that I once again have a place to write, I’ll try to make an effort to do it once in a while.