My rarely updated personal blog, Notes and Queries, is here

For several years I ran a group blog devoted to politics, books, etc., called explananda.

Publications (and invited talks)

Brook, Andrew and Christopher Young. ‘Schopenhauer and Freud’ in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis,, ed. Richard Gipps and Michael Lacewing. 2019.

Young, Christopher and Andrew Brook. ‘Schopenhauer,’ 2006 in The Edinburgh International Encyclopedia of Psychoanalysis.

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Young, Christopher and Andrew Brook. Schopenhauer and Freud, International Journal of Psychoanalysis. 1994 (75), 101-18. [This paper received the Miguel Prados award for best paper in Canadian Psychoanalysis from the Canadian Psychoanalytic Community.]

Essays, etc.

I taught at the University level for several years, and retain a strong interest in pedagogy. One product of this interest is my essay, “How to Teach ‘Introduction to Applied Ethics’,” the latest version of which can be found here.

A (very rough) work in progress: My bibliographical essay on resources in computational stemmatology.